Modular reaming - Replaceable head systems

In order to counter the rising tool costs, BECK has modular tool systems in its product range that offer a particularly high degree of flexibility as the tool holders can be fitted with different reaming heads via defined connections. Short tool change times, generally without remeasuring, make this type of tools attractive for medium and large lot sizes as the change can be carried out directly at the machine.

For the high-performance range, the XR replaceable head reamer is available as a variant made of solid carbide with special coatings or as a variant with brazed blades made of carbide (also coated), Cermet or PCD in the diameter range 8-40 mm.

Large diameters (20-200 mm) can be optimally machined with the MULITCUT cutting ring program. Cutting materials such as Cermet, carbide or coated carbide are used as the cutting material here. You can find the latest brochures in our download area.

  • Replaceable head reamers type XR

    • Particularly cost-effective from diameter 20 mm
    • Simple handling, high clamping force
    • Highest changeover accuracy, stability and rigidity
    • Possible to optimally match cutting material, coating and cutting geometry to the machine to be machined

  • Holder for XR reamers

    • XR holders in different lengths available as standard
    • Diameter ranges between Ø 8 mm – Ø 40 mm can be covered with only 6 connection sizes
    • Flexible machining depths thanks to different holder lengths, even for small diameters
    • Holders universally applicable for through bores and blind holes

  • Adjustable cutting rings

    • Adjustable within the specified bore tolerance
    • Suitable for use in different materials
    • Particularly cost-effective thanks to modular construction and simple handling
    • Compatible for all holders of the respective Diameter

  • Holders for cutting rings

    • Holders with cylindrical shanks, Morse taper shanks, HSK-A and SK
    • Suitable for through bores and blind holes (with or without IK depending on holder design)