Machine reamers without internal cooling

With small to medium lot sizes or when machining on older machines without internal coolant supply, the advantages of the high cutting data of the high-performance reamers cannot be utilised.

The more favourable DIN reamers are more of a cost-effective solution here. BECK machine reamers are available as carbide and HSS variants. High availability from stock and consistently high quality of the raw materials used are of course included in this product segment from BECK.

BECK machine reamers are available from stock in diameters up to 40 mm (depending on the type of tool). BECK miniature reamers are available from a diameter of 0.6 mm as a special feature. Special rivet hole reamers, progressive-cut reamers, end-cutting reamers and shell reamers are available from stock in addition to the standard range.

  • Carbide machine reamers

    • Wide spectrum of applications
    • Inexpensive alternative as DIN reamer
    • High level of hardness and good heat resistance allow high performance data

  • Machine reamers of HSS-E

    • HSS-E as inexpensive variant for reaming with low cutting data
    • Use only of European high-performance steel
    • Push-on holders for shell reamers also available from stock